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Over the coming months our team of curious hosts will be uncovering a variety of odd games and strange sports.

For now, most of them remain shrouded in secrecy, but not so for Anto Sharp. The internet funnyman will be uncovering the facts, fiction and myths that surround one of Wales’ strangest exports, bog snorkelling.

Over the course of the next month we’ll be keeping a close eye on his fun and antics so make sure you keep coming back as all will be revealed.

Anto meets Kate

Anto is our first host and this month will learn the ways of the unusual pastime, bog snorkelling.

Joining him on his absurd journey, is Kate, a seasoned veteran of the scene, she’ll be putting him through his paces as Anto gears up for his big day in the spotlight bog.

An introduction to bog snorkelling

Find out what it takes to compete in this absurd sport by the people who live and breathe bog snorkelling on a daily basis.

Find out how the workout’s working out

Anto’s put through his paces by seasoned bog snorkelling veteran Kate.

With a week to go Anto tries to get in the zone

With the clock ticking it’s time to size up the bog in preparation for the big day.

Anto finally tackles our absurd challenge. The bog.

The day has finally arrived. Find out how Anto Sharp copes with his bog snorkel in Wales.