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We’re really building up a head of steam here at #PlayAburd HQ and now it’s time to get on the road again for our next absurd adventure. So, sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride as…

Comedian and ex-lift engineer Gina Yashere will reveal all as she masters the thoroughly British sport of gurning. Keep a close eye on Gina’s fun and shenanigans and make sure you keep coming back.

Gina meets Adrian and Claire

Throw in one comedian, two world champions and a braffin and what you get is an absurd journey into the world of gurning.

In the coming weeks Gina will uncover the facts and history behind this elite sport. To assist her on this journey are current world champions Adrian Zivelonghi and Claire Spedding.

Together they’ll get Gina prepped as she takes on the braffin.

An introduction to gurning

Find out what it takes to compete in this absurd sport by the people who live and breathe gurning on a daily basis.

Expressionist movement

See Gina flexing her facial muscles in preparation for her debut gurn.

The final touches

It’s time for Gina to define her strategy. See if her teeth survive the final part of her training.

Gina reaches the final day of Casumo’s gurning challenge

Gina’s training has been leading up to today. Will she succeed in impressing Cumbria with her new look in the final of this series?