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So, you’ve seen Anto’s absurd adventures, right? If you missed it you can find them here. Now though it’s time to eggsplore our next absurd sport.

Comedian, Justin Moorhouse will be revealing all as he uncovers the facts behind Lincolnshire’s very own and very ancient art of egg throwing.

Throughout December we’ll be keeping a close eye on Justin’s fun and shenanigans so make sure you keep coming back as all is revealed.

Justin meets Andy

Justin is our next presenter who’s been tasked with uncovering the facts and mastering the art of egg throwing, in the middle of a field, in the middle of Lincolnshire, in the middle of winter.

To assist him on his absurd journey is the highly revered egg legend Andy Dunlop, President of the egg throwing federation.

Together they’ll get Justin trained up and pumped up for his very own eggciting challenge.

An introduction to egg throwing with Justin Moorhouse

Find out what it takes to compete in this absurd sport by the people who live and breathe egg throwing on a daily basis.

Find out how the workout’s working out

Justin’s put through his paces by a seasoned egg throwing professional, the egg-strordinary Andy Dunlop.

With a week to go Justin shows us the 'Justin'

With the clock ticking Andy Dunlop, the revered egg throwing president eggsplores Justin’s eggstreme talents.

The egg-citement is at breaking point as Justin completes his absurd challenge.

The day has finally arrived. Find out how Justin copes with eggs and Andy in Swaton.