This sport has a very ‘you scratch my backʼ feel to it. Contestants are required to either drag or carry their partner halfway – but in return theyʼll secure an effort free return journey across the finish line.

And those wishing not to conform to gender stereotypes need not worry, as long as thereʼs two of you youʼre welcome to attempt to drag or carry your way to victory using your preferred combination.

Steph and Dom meet Biggsie and Jen

Before our pair can start getting themselves physically ready, we need them to prepare mentally.


This training comes in the shape of a history lesson from an old friend of ours Gordon (you might recognise him from a certain bog snorkelling video) and their senseiʼs Biggsie and Jen.

An introduction to husband dragging and wife carrying

As Steph n’ Dom settle into Llanwrtyd Wells they’re confronted with the reality of the challenge ahead.