Journey with us now as we explore the stranger corners of our World of Play…

Peer through our kaleidoscope at topsy-turvy games that turn quiet hamlets and rural villages upside down. Where folk gather round and join in extraordinary feats of human eccentricity.

A world where things aren’t always as they seem. This is Play Absurd…

Anto Sharp

Internet funnyman Anto aka Mr “Straight in My Basket” is our first host to learn the ways of an unusual British pastime.


Be sure to follow his absurd journey, from meeting the community, to training and eventually competing in his chosen sport.

Justin Moorhouse

Comedian. Actor. Dog walker. Justin Moorhouse is our second host here at Play Absurd.

Follow his antics as he meets the people behind an absurd competition in a quiet little hamlet in rural England.

Gina Yashere

The infamous former elevator engineer from London, England plays host to Play Absurd…

and this one really is absurd.


Watch the story unfold as Gina meets a community of eccentrics that foster and protect one of the UK’s most cherished sports, a sport that we’re really good at it too, with both current world champions hailing from the UK.

Scheiffer Bates

Scheiffer Bates

They say that if you want to be popular, you should always be yourself. Try telling that to Scheiffer Bates who can do really good impressions of famous people and by default also be really popular.

Scheiffer’s also an all-round brilliant man – so we thought, who better to investigate Toad in the Hole for us?