For those who look at an egg and see unrealised ambition.
To those who don’t see a monster, but a champion.

And those who can find the potential in a puddle, in a field.
This is your safe space.

Come with us, on our tour of the absurd, as we visit the unsung champions of our varied land.

Steph and Dom

Steph and Dom (also known as Dom and Steph) are probably the UKʼs most famous innkeepers, and theyʼre also well known for watching TV.


As one of our favourite double acts, we thought who better to test out this couple friendly absurd sport?

Paul Foot

This comedian is Foot by name, foot by nature – being the proud owner of a celebrated pair.


This doesnʼt have much to do with the Pie Eating Championship we sent him to in Wigan, but we really liked a joke he made about moist cakes on YouTube.


This is why he was selected by our panel of independent adjudicators for the challenge.

Joe Charman

He’s got skills, and what we’re going to do about it is send him to Crawley, where he’ll investigate

the World Marbles Championship in the snow.

Scheiffer Bates

They say that if you want to be popular, you should always be yourself. Try telling that to Scheiffer Bates who can do

really good impressions of famous people and by default also be really popular.


Scheiffer’s also an all-round brilliant man – so we thought, who better to investigate Toad in the Hole for us?

Gina Yashere

If you say Gina Yashere out loud three times in your living room, she’ll appear on your TV and tell you all about the latest UK news on the Jay Leno show.

This is dependent on the time of day and country you’re standing in, but it can be an interesting exercise regardless of time and location.


Gina also has a keen interest in gurning in case you were wondering?

Justin Moorhouse

You might recognise Justin from the various times he’s been funny on TV, or because he looks like that other bloke you know. Either way, you’ve surely asked yourself how good he would be at throwing eggs?!


Well if this question has been weighing on your mind, we’ve decided to settle it once and for all.

Anto Sharp

What’s blonde, successful on YouTube, and has no previous experience of swimming in anything other than a pool or the sea?


The answer is, Anto Sharp. See how he got on in the very first of our challenges.