It’s refreshing to find a sport which requires you to showcase the very worst side of yourself.

Gurning is perfect for those who prefer to use only their head for physical activity, and if that head is able to contort itself into something truly absurd, you could be a gurning champion.

Gina meets Adrian and Claire

Recent figures show that face pulling is on the up, and nowhere is it more popular than in Egremont, Cumbria.


Where Gina begins her investigation of the absurd by speaking to reigning gurning champions Adrian and Claire.

An introduction to gurning

Horrifying strangers with only your face as a tool isn’t as easy as it sounds,

and it’s up to Adrian and Claire to prepare Gina for her gurning debut.

Training begins

Competition day is looming, and Gina begins putting in the hours to perfect her winning face.

The final touches

It’s time for Gina to define her strategy. See if her teeth survive the final part of her training.

Competition day

Gina’s training has been leading up to today.

Will she succeed in horrifying Cumbria with her new look?