Eggs are renowned for their versatility, straddling sweet, savoury, and sports. Egg Throwing is a Lincolnshire tradition with simple rules: Throw eggs and hope someone catches them.

Or, catch eggs without breaking them.

If you are the best at either of these things, you are the egg throwing champion, and you will be audience to terrible egg puns for the rest of your life.

Justin meets Andy

After scrambled and fried, thrown eggs are becoming increasingly popular.


We sent Justin to meet the revered President of the egg throwing federation, Andy Dunlop, to find out more.

An introduction to egg throwing

Preparation isn’t just about lunges and star jumps,

Justin also needs to prepare himself mentally for the eggy challenge ahead.

Training begins

Training takes ouef, and like all great athletes,

Justin has to adhere to a strict training plan ahead of the competition.

The final touches

You can’t be good at everything, and although Justin is dangerously close,

it’s time for Andy to assess his strengths to give him the best chance in next week’s competition.

Competition day

You can have too much of a good thing, but more than that there are only so many eggs you can throw before it becomes wasteful.

Will Justin receive the recognition he craves as competition day finally arrives?