How many pies could you eat to entertain both yourself and the people of Wigan?

The answer is irrelevant because the World Pie Eating Championship actually judges contestants on how fast a pie can be consumed rather than the quantity eaten.

Itʼs a great way for anyone interested in the world of competitive eating to get their foot in the door, and a useful way to find out how much pastry you can consume without any hydration.

Paul meets Tony

Bathed in history, and sacred to Wigan and its surrounding areas – thereʼs a lot to love about pies.

And who better to give Paul a one to one history lesson than World Pie Eating Championship expert Tony the Pieman?

An introduction to pie eating

With the help of Tony the Pieman, Paul foot finds out the ins and outs of both the famous Wigan pie and the competition itself.

Training begins

It’s time to try the pie, and it looks like Paul might have slightly misunderstood the objective.


The final touches

Multi-talented Paul heads to the kitchen in a bid to get to grips with his meaty opponent.

Competition day

Not only has the big day arrived, but Paul also gets the chance to meet his pie hero.